The Haji Gulab Khan Nashik Dhol company is an independent company specialising in producing premium quality, custom made Dhol’s for those seeking to purchase an instrument superior in every way. We offer a bespoke service to our clients based on individual needs, whether you’re starting out as a dhol student, or are a professional dhol player. We offer unique Dhol’s at affordable prices and an overall service which is incomparable to any company in the world.

Haji Gulab Khan Nashik DHOL Company it aims to dominate the Dhol industry. The development has enabled us to participate in some of the biggest events taken place in the Nashik. Our drummers are available for hire all over the Maharashtra. We provide Dhol services for Entrance’s at weddings, Mehndi nights, Geet nights, parades, charity events, corporate events, fashion shows, playing alongside DJs, carnivals and much more. We work with you to provide you the best service possible and to ensure we make your special occasion a memorable event.

Haji Gulab Khan Nashik Dhol of consists of many expert Dhol players, all with over 10 years’ experience with this unique instrument. The team has taken its high-energy style to over hundreds of events all over the Maharashtra, catering to Weddings, Corporate functions, Mela events, Charity functions and Award shows, among many others.

We also offer an option to choose from three different traditional outfits, allowing perfect cohesion with your colour theme, and ensuring that the Dhol players look as fantastic as they sound. Book now or contact us to ensure your event is as spectacular as it is memorable